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LG 42LA6130 42" Full HD Cinema 3D LED TV
LG 42LA6130
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If it’s 3D TV you’re looking for, look no further than the LG 42LA6130 42" Full HD Cinema 3D LED TV. This next generation 3D TV has a large 42” IPS panel that displays content at its best. Colour, clarity and contrast are sheer perfection. It gives you the 3D experience not only in picture but also sound and depth with 3D Sound Zooming and 3D Depth Control.


3D Glasses
You can only truly enjoy your 3D experience if the glasses you wear are up to mark. LG TV comes ready with four extremely comfortable 3D glasses that not only look cool but are also light, battery-free and flicker-free.

Dual Play
One screen, two players and no split-screen. This is the magic of Dual Play. You can enjoy two-player gaming on your LG 3D TV whereby both players, using Dual Play Glasses, get the full screen for themselves.

MHL (Mobile HD Link)
Watch HD movies from your phone on your LG LED TV by connecting the two devices with a MHL cable. Your phone also gets charged at the same time.

2D to 3D
Don’t have enough 3D content? You can now view regular 2D content in 3D with LG’s 3D conversion technology. You will get the same superior depth effect and smoothness on your converted content as you would on an original 3D one.

Flicker-Free 3D
Unlike other 3D TVs that could bring discomfort to your eyes, LG 42LA6130 42" Full HD Cinema 3D LED TV is certified flicker-free. It provides brighter, clearer and crisper 3D pictures that are easier on the eyes.

3D Depth Control
Who’d have thought you could control the level of 3D? But you can! With 3D Depth Control, you can select a comfortable level or go all out with your 3D effect.

3D Sound Zooming
A complete 3D TV in the real sense, LG 3D LED TV is not just about watching 3D, it’s also about hearing in 3D. Fully in sync with the 3D images on screen, you’ll be engulfed by LG’s 3D Sound Zooming.

Triple XD Engine
This smart TV boasts LG’s latest and most advanced Triple XD Engine that delivers colour, contrast and clarity at their best.

IPS Panel
Panel quality determines the quality of a TV and LG’s IPS Panel is a class apart. It mirrors colours that are life-like, has a wide viewing angle so viewing from any angle will not hamper content quality, has blur-free clarity and is a stable and sturdy panel that is resistant to damage.

USB Movie
Directly connect your USB or hard drive to the TV and enjoy a pick from your movie library on the big screen.

Clear Voice II
With Clear Voice II, the dialogues in movies and TV shows will be more clear and audible against background sound as this feature automatically recognises human vices and improves it.

MCI 100
Motion Clarity Index indicates how clear a fast motion display is. It is the maximum number of response signals per second. LG 42LA6130 42" Full HD Cinema 3D LED TV is packed with technology that together work to reduce blur in fast-moving pictures.