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Sell Like a Superstar

Become a Super Store with the JadoPado marketplace and enjoy incredible selling privileges!

What Are Super Stores?

Super Stores are sellers who perform exceptionally well. The Super Store status is determined by the points you accumulate across various metrics in the Seller Performance programme.

Super Store


These sellers are experts in running their stores. They have a steady string of buyers who love shopping with them. JadoPado marketplace rewards them with the prestigious Super Store status that opens them to reduced commissions and other selling privileges.

Trusted Store


These are sellers who are knocking on the Super Store door. They receive a Trusted Store badge and with a little bit of improvement can achieve the Super Store status.

How Do I Become a Super Store?

Maintain a Performance Score from 90-100 points by performing well in the following areas:

What Are the Perks of Being a Super Store?

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